Removing Late Payments From Your Report and Getting a Good Credit Score

In today’s “dogs eat dog” economy it is no surprise that people are trying to keep up with payments and maintain good credit. However, no matter how hard you try sometimes you still end up with late payments. Late payments are usually on credit reports for one or two obvious reasons: you either forgot to make the payment or you did not have enough to make the payment. understand that things happen sometimes. Even if you do have late payments on your credit report you have nothing to worry about.

A lot of consumers do not know that you can have late payments removed from your account. The process to remove the late payments is known as re-aging. Re-aging is not something that is automatically done for you.

Re-aging is a requested action brought upon your credit score. However, re-aging is not for everybody; there is a catch to it. Most creditors have set requirement(s) for this process such as having a certain number of consecutive, on-time payments or not missing more than a certain amount of payments in a certain time period.

Regardless of the requirement you have to keep in mind that fixing credit is a long road to travel; it takes patience and discipline. When requesting this process for yourself you must have an understanding that there are also other people trying to get this process done as well so do not get discouraged if you are denied the process the first time you request it or if you have to talk to more than one person about the issue.

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