Lift maintenance is the bread and butter

Lift maintenance is the bread and butter for most lift companies, for easily understood reasons: every device of this type, without exception, requires repair or maintenance Passenger Lifts at some point, and opportunities to repair a lift are far more common than chances to install one.

Furthermore, offering lift maintenance is an excellent way for lift companies to retain clients, as many property owners rightfully feel it is a good idea to hire the same company that installed a lift to provide maintenance for it. In other instances, property owners are dissatisfied with their current company, or somehow have the need to find a new provider for this service, so many lift companies also use this particular service as a way to acquire new customers, even without having performed any installations for them. These particularities cause lift maintenance to be seen by many lift companies as the main service to focus their business around and promote.


Modernisation is the third and final service most lift companies are frequently required to provide to both old and new customers. This service is most often provided in older properties, with outdated lift models which are no longer up to specifications or which may constitute a potential safety hazard.

Lift modernisation can be carried out in a number of different ways, from installing new security features to updating the mechanism itself or installing new parts meant to boost and improve the device’s performance. Most professionals employed by ethical lift companies will know how to assess which modernising features would best suit any given lift, and will be happy to advise property owners on how best to improve upon their existing device.

These are, of course, far from the only three services lift companies normally provide; they can, however, be said to be the three most popular ones, and the basis upon which most of these companies build their business.

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