Craft Markets in Cape Town!

There is a huge variety of different crafts market in Cape Town. These markets are very popular for the items that are offering a diverse range of hand crafted products which boast a high standard of quality and attention to detail. These crafts are bought by tourists as well as locals. Shopping is one of the small joys in life. Visitors taking Cape Town flights like to buy these crafts and take with them to make their journey memorable. These markets always boast a diverse range of local goods,  town of entertainment produce and handicraft. Among many big crafts market a few more popular are;

Green Point Market: It is one of the largest markets in the city. It has a shopping experience for everyone. It is always alive with people, music and crafts. Tourists taking Cape town flights find loads of traditional African art pieces, curios, books and CD’s and just about anything and everything else. It is easy to find as it is situated in the car park outside the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. Green Point Stadium promises a true craft market experience. This market is not only open on working days but also on public holidays. Foreigners prefer cheap flights to Cape Town for Craftsmen and women echo the beauty of the land in the handmade goods they sell. It also provides live entertainment to keep you entertained if you want to rest your feet.

Hout Bay Market: It’s a big crafts market in a picturesque area of Hout Bay with a wide variety of African curious, pottery, wire crafts, Ostrich eggs wooden sculptures and even pony rides. The area is very popular among flights to cape town takers with numerous restaurants, and the largest bird park in South Africa as well as its craft market. It is widely rated as one of the best in the Cape and attracts crafters from far and wide to exhibit their wares.

Kirstenbosch Crafts Market: This is the place where one can find 190 stalls of crafts including; clothing, knitwear, leather work, iron¬† Temperature Gauge and steel work, basket work, woodwork, pottery and ceramics, needlework, glass work, mirrors, jewellery, paintings, puppets, candle wicking, shell ware, and children’s toys and games. There are also four different cafes and eateries to provide a large variety of refreshments. It also gives many entertainment activities for children. In short here every one find something of his/her interest

Cape Town is one of my favorite spots in South Africa, and I take CapeTown flights on regular basis. I love its craft markets the most after its natural attractions.



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