Fat Management and Weight Control – Creating Your Own Individualism Program For Types of Foods

Realize the word FAT and its meaning has changed within the culture and how a person learns to emotionally value fat levels has changed compared to 100 years ago. Fat was never a problem in the past, in fact having fat was viewed by the culture as a sign that you where rich and belong to the higher social class within the culture. Having fat was sign of health in the past, for it was very hard for a person to have enough food to have large amount fat on your body. People had to deal with hunger and starvation that was normal for almost 1000 years in large part of the world. For there was no real super markets around and fast food place on every corner.https://kischmisch.de/

The culture ideas was about how to get food and how to value it and if you become fat that was good. Realize the culture idea of fat levels on a person never exist as negative up to 30 years ago to any great level. Realize there where no ideas about managing fat level within this culture therefore how to look at your food intake has no real culture form unlike some other culture. Knowing how to eat your foods and types of foods is a blind of culture and personal leaning.

Example parents where saying back in the 1950’s to the children “clean your plate, there are starving children in the world” so appreciate, you have food and eat it all. Great idea to teach when food was very limited and you have to eat what ever you can get otherwise you may not get food until the next day or week. There was a time, not that long ago, there was question if you where going to get food the next day of any amount so what you eat today had to last you through the week until you get food again. In the 1930’s food in places in the this culture was hard to fine and so in the 1950 was a reaction to the facts of valuing food being taught to there children was to get as much as you can and eat it all. Diet in the past was for the sick and old and there was books on food for health but not for fat management or weight control for the culture to provide foods when way up and at a low cost.

Events change, and in the 1960’s fast foods started and big grocery store were common every where so access to food in large amount became ease and very affordable. With fast food places, the food cheap and tasty but base on meat, potatoes and breads within malts and then coke drinks with very high sugar content. High sugar drinks with food with fat, a bad combination if a person wants to control fat levels and have weight control program in their life. The food was cheap, tasty and the children love going there and ate all their food and what parent of the times was not happy to see. In memory of the childhood experience of going out to eat at fast food places with parents and friends forms learned emotions of comfort feeling by being with friends and family so there is develop relationship between eating fast foods and emotional comfort.

Personal emotional development into day culture with family and friends eating at place in repeated form that forms emotional attachment to foods within events. Developing fat level management and weigh control behavior is not ease for old emotions has to be challenged and redirected into new enjoyment within behavior. It not about denying old feeling but changing the context of those feeling into new behavior of enjoyment. So its seeing the old feeling that are good but putting them in new frame work that enhance the enjoy of old feeling of family and friends. Old times are not dead to change but has to be develop within new frame work of enjoyment. Feeling are learned so they can be redone for enjoyment of being older and wiser. Using the word WISER as tool for changing in life to enjoy more of what is around person.

Managing food intake did not exist in any ideal form and with values that holds emotions that affect behavior to eating foods with high fat and sugar for there was no good reason for fat management to be learned and valued in the past. To learn to manage fat levels is to set up your own program emotionally for enjoyment of food. Cheap food, cheap drinks with high sugar and far and you can get anytime you want, with no real controls on emotional eating to fat levels and weight control. That is the state of are culture. Fat is gift but managing it is most.

People begin leaning about food through their parents and beginning in the 60’s parent started to take their children to these fast foods places because children love them and what parent did not want their child to be happy. Children wanted to go to the fast food places anytime because it was fun and the foods tasted good and emotionally they where there as a family or friends enjoy the company and parents did this willing to please the child. So there was no more three times a day to eat you cannot eat in between meals for the parents are teaching children just eat when you feel like it eat and feel good. The whole idea of eating anytime you want is new in the culture. Now their is a mixture of eating three time day and eat anytime you want for its ease and food has taken on a much different emotional value then in the past for its fun to eat with out limits.

Culture is one half, to be understand and learning to manage fat level and weight control. The other half is the person them self and all the physical, mental and emotional parts that makes up person self projection within their emotional behavior. How a person thinks of their physical in relation to the level of fat level and to weight is culture to family ideas for every person is born different on how the body works with food then what they learned emotionally growing up about different foods. The old saying about people and there ability with fat level and weight as they ate, “that person can eat anything and not gain weight and that other person just has to look at some foods, they go up five pounds”. Each person body reacts to foods differently and how they consume the foods. Keep in mind, what you put in your mouth affects the bodies chemistry in many ways and if you want your own fat level manage system you have to feel reaction to foods you eat and the long term affect.

Fat is gift but in this culture a person has to learn to manage their level of fat for there are so many ways person can acquire fat from the level of food that is available within styles of living. In today culture to have a manage system for fat levels and weight control takes very high individualism development and it will very between people. Each person physical ability to work with fat and weight is different for some people, it can be ease and for others it may be hard but the facts are for health in this culture with high level fat and sugar and not a common value of behavior to manage fat levels and control weight, a individual has to learn to do it for them self with out the support of the culture at large. It is high individualism to develop internal behaviors to manage one self given little support from the culture around them.

This is a very hard to create a individualism state of internal manage control of food that over rides learned norms of the culture about food. The internal conflict about food is one of the hightest for it carries so much emotional connection to childhood and family for your going against a primal emotion learned ideas about food and manage your self with types of foods. One of the most powerful emotion forms, that people have in them, is the ability to create joy within their physical behavior. The development of joy within new behavior with food is very hard and take lot of effort and personal development within the challenge in new behavior with managing fat levels within foods of choice. With a goal of physical health that a person can connect to in a feeling way and emotionalize it on a on going base with foods they look at and then with what they eat. This is on going high level of mind and body connection of feeling the affects of what you put in your mouth and the reaction of the body.

The term, SENSITIVE AND BEING SENSITIZE TO FOOD IN THE MOUTH is one of the key parts within development of a fat level management and weight control program because it affects emotions physically that influence mental state. Food individualism is realizing what type foods they eat that works best for them and the amount of food that your body needs when individual eats. Keep in mind, what a person eats one year and works for their body may change the next year and as you get older you get colder and you do not move as mush or work as hard as you, where your younger so fat management has to be adjusted to need of the body to do work.

There is a article on Ezine titled “Comfort Food A Addiction and Stress Link-How To Create Choices To Have Joy Within Eating”. To create individualism within one self is about creating choices first and that takes mental side with ideas to develop choice to redirect behavior and emotions within the new ideas within the behavior relationship to food to create fat management program. That article goes into methods with thoughts to form a different relationship with food and cooking. To change a deep internal emotional force within behavior requires mind, body and spirit ( in order of force is breath, energy and spirit) being used within changing. Otherwise your in reaction mode and your holding on to the old hoping it will die on its own.

There is another article on Ezine titled “How to Burn Fat Over Sugar-Through the Power of Core-Breathing While Working Out At the GYM”. Both of these articles are part of larger idea of how understand your body, mind and spirit relationship for choice creation by using your internal force of action created by a individual being directed within choice. Both articles are by this author, within the context of using core/breathing methods to affect person energy force within behavior.

Fat management and weight control is not and should not be about depriving person of food but working within a person need to eat and learned enjoyment to eat and the social interaction to eat for eating plays a large role in emotional expression in this culture and that is why fat management program is needed for some people for fat is blessing but to much of a good thing can hurt person.

Here are some thought that relate to ideas in how to mange fat levels and weight keep them separate to see clarity about your self and what affect fat levels vary greatly between being male and female. This is not simple for its a mystery that has to be discovered in order to realize so much about life and being a spiritual being within male or female physical body.

For clarity the function of FAT is store energy form, waiting to be used within the core area first and then through out the body were large muscle group exist for energy to do physical work. Fat is created from food by the body to be used later on for endurance in physical activities. Fat is about endurance abilities of the body doing physical work of some type. The different understanding of function of fat in males and females helps in developing a workable managing program within male or female. Fat is stored energy for endurance within the body and for males its about physical strength and ability to physically work hard with physical force. Females its about ability to have children and to have the physical endurance to create a child and keep them alive after being born. The demands on the body, from energy point of view, is very large so the level fat on female determines if they are ready to have children. So Fat as a stored energy source is used differently between males and females chemically and female process foods at higher level to create fat generally.

In cultures with low food ability where hunger is norm, women that have high fat ability is look at as beautiful and women that are thin, males are not attacked too. Survival counts in a culture that has real food problems and having fat is sign of ability to survive and have children. So the blessing of fat like all blessing they have to be managed and the culture influence has to be mindful in development your own fat level management and weight control program.


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