How Not To Wear A Corset

How many of us have been out and seen women dressed just shockingly? I’m pretty sure we all have. This article is to help you wear a corset the right way and how not to wear a corset.

Studies show that curvy ladies and ladies with big busts tend to get this wrong. If you’re curvy then you’ll need a plus size corset and if you’re curvy, then you’ll be needing a bit of extra support. Just like if you’re large chested, you’ll be needing that bit of extra support too. There is nothing worse than flesh spilling out all over the place, your cleavage almost spilling out of your top or corset and love handles on full display.

This is where the steel boned corset comes in to play. A plus size lady should only be buying her plus size corset if it is steel boned, the same applies to larger busted ladies. A steel boned corset will hold you in, get rid of your muffin top if you order the right style corset for you shape and it will hide any fat you might have on your back. It will also hold in your breasts and give them a nice lift, but without spilling over the top and out of your top as you reach for your drink on a night out.

Generally plus size steel boned corsets go up to a natural waist of 45 inches, some companies may offer larger sizes. Steel boned corsets come in different lengths, styles, colours and bust lines. If you’re tall and curvy then you might be looking for a steel boned corset that is 18 inches in length to cover and hold in all the bits you need holding in. If you are larger busted then you’ll be looking for either a halter neck style steel boned corset to give you the extra support or a moderate bust line style to hold your bust in and stop it from popping out. No matter what your size, a steel boned corset will really cinch and smooth your waist in, it’s a lovely effect, an hourglass figure that most women dream of having.

Remember to read the description of the corset before buying and always measure before buying. A good corset seller will give a detailed description of their corsets, with all measurements, bust line styles and length of the corset.

Steel boned corsets don’t have to cost the earth, they will be a little more expensive than an acrylic boned corset, but isn’t it worth it to look fabulous. You want to be turning heads because people know you look amazing, not because your bust is half out or your muffin top is spilling over your jeans. Do the right thing and shop wisely for your outer wear corset ladies.

We want all women to look fabulous when they go out, feel confident and amazing. We will help you buy the right corset for your body shape, email us if you need help.


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