FATJOE Review – Does It Deliver Better SEO?

If you want to bring visitors flocking to your business website and turn those visitors into customers, you need to give a lot of thought to SEO services. There are companies out there that will undertake search engine optimisation on your behalf and one of them is FATJOE. The company promises a lot but does it deliver? Check out our FATJOE review as we look into all the nooks and crannies to find out.
Who is FATJOE? https://www.healthhelpzone.com/

FATJOE claims to be one of the biggest outsourced link building and content creation service agencies in the world.

Founded in 2012 the company has come a long way, with more than 100 members specialising in content marketing and link building. The company has provided campaigns to over 5000 worldwide agencies.

They have an exemplary record in delivering on time along with taking pride in a level of customer support that is unrivalled.

The company takes a great deal of pride in the service offered and believe they offer one of the most cost-effective and scalable services. This is why they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied.

So, let’s take a look into what is actually offered.
What does FATJOE offer?
FATJOE promises to deliver better SEO and they do this by offering a wide range of services to back this up.

On their website, it claims they offer “SEO services built to be resold”. Their services have been designed specifically for marketing teams and agencies and they claim more than 5000 agencies and teams rely on their services.

These services include:

Blogger outreach;
Niche editing;
Local business citations;
Distribution of press releases;
Infographic outreach;
Outreach boost;
Multilingual outreach;
Content writing;
Infographic design;
Blog description writing;
Blog 2 video.
Now let’s take a more in-depth look into these services in our FATJOE review.
Outreach for bloggers
We took an in-depth look into the outreach for bloggers service. It is claimed to be the number 1 blogger outreach service, but is it?

It is easy to get started, just click on the package that suits your requirements. You then go onto to provide your details along with the number of sites you want to outreach to, anchor text and such.

There are actually three different stages to the outreach for bloggers service; these are the outreach stage, content stage and finally, the placement stage.

The outreach stage is the ordering part as described above. The content stage is where you pick the length of content you want. While you can choose from 500 words, bear in mind that Google does seem to favour long-form content, 1000+ words.

FATJOE offers a range of packages (see the graphic below), these range from low through to premium plus.

Gain higher search engine ranking through outreach for bloggers
Reaching out allows you to share your content with others and get higher rankings in the search engines. Long-form content is a great way of achieving this as it allows you to cover a topic comprehensively. Not only does this help readers, but also Google loves it.

Finally, there is the placement stage. Content is placed that is well written and unique and includes your anchor text and link.

Outreaching is a very tool for boosting rankings in search engines and therefore bringing in more visitors and FATJOE seems to do it extremely well.

The benefits to going with this professional service include:

The company only secures placements they have genuinely outreached to;
Your links are in the flow of the content and read naturally;
The written content is unique and of high quality;
Fatjoe only outreaches to websites and blogs with high domain authority so you can be sure the links are high quality;
Duplicate placements per domain are avoided.
The advantages to putting your outreach in the hands of professionals include:
Less stress on you and saving time compared to doing it yourself;
You know that the outreach is only to quality sites;
Sites have high domain authority;
Links are in the content, not just at the bottom in the author box.
Niche editing
The niche editing service seems to be a lot like the blogger outreach service in that it has an outreach stage, content stage and placement stage.

In the first stage, you give FATJOE the target URL and anchor text and the team searches the internet for blog posts. They check any opportunities and then get in touch with the owner of the blog to talk about how they can add value to the post.

Content writers will then enhance the posts, adding in relevant quality content, to add value and include your link naturally in the content.

You then look over the niche edit placements from your dashboard.
Press release distribution service
When you release new products and services on your website or in-store, you need the people out there to know about them. One great way is to release a press release and Fatjoe offers a press release distribution service.

FATJOE can syndicate your press releases over more than 350 new outlets and an amazing 100,000 plus journalists to get your new product/service out there.

The company offer a while press release distribution service, including the writing of the release itself and the distribution.
Unlimited revisions of press releases
They have a professional team of writers who specialise in the writing of press releases. These professionals craft your release professionally and amazingly, Fatjoe offers unlimited revisions of your press release until you are totally happy with it.

The company will then post your release across their network and you can see all publications and where it was posted on the web, plus being able to see a report from your dashboard.

The benefits to taking advantage of the Fatjoe press release distribution service is:

Instant online news;
Natural promotion;
Professionally written press releases;
Press releases lead to an impression of you being a leading authority;
Access to a live white label publication report.
Let’s face it; infographics go a long way to encourage visitors to browse your content, read your articles and go on to make a purchase.
FATJOE offer an infographic outreach service to ensure you get only high-quality infographic links. Their submission service includes the writing of a description to go with the infographic of between 100 and 300 words.

The service also includes you being able to monitor the progress of placements, plus the option of exporting a report for white labelling.

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