Want To Improve Your Relationships?

Feng Shui and Love

Feng Shui involves the balancing of your environment, using energy and compass directions. It is also learning how to attract different kinds of energy through colour, elements, intention and through the movement of chi.  https://tablemate.in

By stirring up the energy in your environment, you will have the ability to attract positive energy in various areas of your life. For this month we will look at attracting positive chi towards love, family and happy marriages. Here are some instructions on how to help move the energy within your space to enhance the relationships in your life.


Women Looking for a Husband: She should bring into her home more “Yang Chi”. Yang chi is enhanced by the use of bright lights, movement, activity, and sound.

Men Looking for a Wife: He should bring into his home more “Yin Chi”. Yin chi is enhanced by dim lights, stillness, rest, and soft sounds.

Men and women looking for mates should display prints depicting happy, loving couples in their home. Birds are excellent energizers for love whether they are real, in a photo, print or imitation. A symbol or print of a dragon and a phoenix are said to be the strongest energizers for love. It is said that they are messengers of “The God of Marriage” who resides in the moon. Lovebirds or mandarin ducks are also very auspicious in pairs to signify undying love and fidelity.

Sleep in your most auspicious direction by placing the crown of your head in that direction.

Add a red or yellow lamp in the SW sector of your bedroom.

Place an earth element object in the SW sector of your home. Crystals are perfect here. The best crystals to use are amethyst and rose quartz as they are highly effective in creating an atmosphere of happiness. They can also be worn as jewellery to manifest their attributes of cheerfulness.

A pair of gold bands or diamond bands worn on your ring finger creates a double-happiness symbol of


Neutralize all beams, corners, edges and any poison arrows with Feng Shui remedies. Blocking these sources does not have to be complicated or difficult.

For example:

Place objects in corners of the room to help chi flow easily, thus preventing it from becoming trapped in corners.

If the headboard of your bed is against a toilet wall, move it to another wall preferably in an auspicious direction for both you and your mate.

Neither partner should sleep in their total loss direction.

Ponds/Swimming pools should not be placed to the right of the main door (looking out).

Prevent reflective surfaces from facing the bed causing any reflections in that direction. (TV, mirrors, computer screens, etc.)

Do not place any water features of any kind in the bedroom. No fountains or still water.

Place 7 crystal spheres in the SW corner of the bedroom. Do this to create powerful nurturing chi inside the bedroom. It reduces hostility and raises tolerance.

Place 7 crystal spheres on the centre of the coffee table in the living room to create the same effects. (Note: at least one of the spheres must be rock or quartz crystal.)

A raw amethyst geode tied with red string under the foot of the bed will safeguard against infidelity. Place on the wife’s side, if the husband has a roving eye and visa versa if the opposite is true.

Place a small red light near the vicinity of the bed and leave it on through the night bring the couple closer together. This helps to enhance their bond.

Place a red lantern in the bedroom to create the same bonding energy.

Place a print/photo of blooming peonies in the bedroom to enhance attraction toward one another.

The husband should sleep on the left side of the bed (when lying in bed) and the woman on the right to ensure proper balance of yin and yang.

Display only one pair of birds in the bedroom.

Remove all photos of children or anything that is not representative of romance, love and fidelity.

The matrimonial bedroom should only depict the couple within the room with no outsiders.

Whether you choose to do one thing on this list or all the things on this list, remember to first de-clutter and clear the space by either lighting incense, or essential oil, or ringing a bell throughout the room, or opening windows, or letting in sunshine in. These are a few suggestions that you can use to start fresh in the space of your bedroom to starting a new, more improved married life.

Do everything with intention and thoughtfulness to create the most powerful and positive energy in your space.


The west side of your home and west side of each room is representative of children’s luck.

If you are having trouble conceiving, this is the area you would concentrate on as this is where happiness energy arises toward the family.

Shine a bright light on a auspicious object such as a symbol of a child or a family to improve conception luck.

Anything that depicts 100 children is very auspicious. Using images of pomegranates whether real, crystal or wood with a bright or red light shining on it will enhance the conception of children as well.

An elephant in the bedroom with it’s trunk down also symbolizes successful conception.

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