Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Secrets

An ultrasonic thickness gauge is a device that measures the thickness of different materials through sound waves. In this article, I will go through the essential information you need to know before purchasing this device.

Most thickness gauges available are applicable in all industries -and service businesses where there is need for control and inspection of wall thickness on subjects with parallel surfaces. Most of these devices are able to measure most materials such as (stainless) steel, aluminum, cobber, zinc, glass and the likes.

The advantage with having an ultrasonic thickness gauge over other gauge devices is the precision of it. It is able to measure the exact size of the wall thickness, it will show variations and changes in the wall thickness that have occurred because of corrosion or erosion.

The newer models only need to be on one side of the material to be measured, whereas the older models need measure from every side of the given material.

Most models have background light for working in dark areas or at night. The gauge usually has a sensor on top of it and the length varies depending on which model you purchase.

The ultrasonic thickness gauge measures    Borosilicate Tube the thickness and store it in its in-build memory to be used for further analysis. Many models can store over 1000 different data’s and through an usb cable, the data can be uploaded either to a computer for further analysis or straight to a serial printer. The gauge is usually provided with an easy to use software where the data can be easily understood and worked with.

Because the ultrasonic gauge works through sound waves, the sound speed can be adjusted according to the material measured. The newer versions has an automatic function that does it for you. If the measured area somehow causes a bad signal, the gauge will give an indication of the signal quality so that you are aware of it.

Even though the gauge is most commonly used in industries, it can also be used for measuring the thickness of your wall at your house if you for example need to drill a hole into the wall or other such things.

The ultrasonic thickness gauge has made it easier for everyone to get exact measurements of almost all kind of materials. There is no longer need to worry about wrong measurements and making wrong decisions based on those measurements.


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